About Through My Lens

A 15-minute perspective of Purposeful and Powerful Living Strategies

Welcome to the “Through My Lens” podcast and blog. This is a unique opportunity to share valuable and useful information and stories, and the strategies of people and the places that inspire a powerful and purposeful life.

Through this powerful blog, we will together explore and expose ourselves to some life-changing strategies and inspirational stories that can take our lives to the next level. This lens is a great opportunity to begin deliberately planning to win by making the changes necessary that take you beyond dreaming and empowers you to intentionally take actions daily that will help you achieve your goals in every area of your life.

As I have learned from the powerful and God-fearing women and men that have poured into my life over the years, I must take others along with me. So join me on this journey as we learn, grow and develop a life that is full of passion, purpose, and power. We must continue to stretch and push ourselves beyond our comfort zones to really achieve our goals because where there is comfort there is no growth.  I challenge you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and into the knowledge that brings you power. Start by refocusing your view “Through My Lens.”

The purpose of this podcast is to share some powerful stories of men and women who have not let challenges, setbacks, and circumstances define who they are and what they can accomplish. For more information visit www.embrace-the-power.com. This podcast can also be found @ http://soundcloud.com/purposefulandpowerfulliving or http://bit.ly/EmbracethePOWERnetwork.