Through My Lens

Books, Business, Bad Decisions and Blueprints to Success


Books, Business, Bad Decisions and Blueprints to Success


This week – National Small Business Week (April 29-May 5) – is a great opportunity to highlight the work hard and contributions of small businesses. I reflected on my time at the 2018 Dayton Book Expo this weekend. It was full of small businesses, entrepreneurs and those individuals who were putting in sweat and tears to help make their dreams and goals a reality.

On Saturday, the Through My Lens: A 15-minute perspective of Purposeful and Powerful Living” podcast hit the road at the 2018 Dayton Book Expo to learn more from some inspiring stories and people featured at the event. I was so excited to be one of the media hosts in the 2018 Dayton Book Expo’s media center. This gave me an opportunity to interview various authors, business owners, and event creators and to listen to some inspiring men and women who have used their challenges and setbacks to help others, build businesses, start new careers or follow their passions. It also gave me an opportunity to broaden the reach of my brand and bringing more awareness to my services, as well as my new podcast/blog created to highlight some powerful stories of men and women who have not let challenges, setbacks, and circumstances define who they are and what they can accomplish.

Here are some conversations with various authors, media representatives, nonprofit sponsor and the Founders of the Book Expo while on the road at the 2018 Dayton Book Expo. It seemed only fitting that I highlight some of these hard-working small business owners and entrepreneurs who have a commitment to not taking “no” for an answer. Thanks again to the Dayton Book Expo team for your support. I look forward to the 10th annual 2019 Dayton Book Expo on April 27, 2019.

I caught up with the Expo’s co-founders who shared their thoughts and insights. Their interviews are featured below. “I always say that each year, it gets better and better. But this year, we had opportunities to not only connect book lovers and help sell books but highlight young people interested in writing, new authors wanting to promote their books and various hosts of local and regional television and radio shows and podcasts interested in sharing the success stories and challenges behind the books. If this year is any indication, our 10th anniversary next year will be written in the history books,” said Valerie J. Coleman, co-founder of the Dayton Book Expo.


For Part II in the series, go here


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