Through My Lens

A 15-minute Perspective of Purposeful and Powerful Living with Juanita Michelle

Juanita Michelle Darden-Jones, the owner of Third Perk Coffeehouse and Wine Bar, understands the importance of creating a business plan to help prepare a business for the future. Darden-Jones, who was also recently honored for being named as an honoree for the 2017 Better Business Bureau’s Top 25 Women to Watch,” stated her first business failed after six months because she did not adequately plan. “I have poured the lessons I have learned from that process into planning Third Perk and have used them to guide every decision I have made to make Third Perk a success.”

She recently sat down for a candid conversation about how creating a business plan for the Third Perk Coffeehouse and Wine Bar has helped lead to the success of her business.  Darden-Jones’ business plan for her downtown business was chosen as one of 10 plans to compete in a national competition in Texas last month. Although her business plan was not chosen to receive the $75,000 capital funding prize, she believes she walked away a winner.

“I was able to pitch my plan to a room of people who did not know that Third Perk existed. I was able to form new business relationships and discussed new potential partnerships. Several of the individuals promised to visit Third Perk when traveling to the area. I am excited about the new potential opportunities presented from this experience,” Darden-Jones said.

She stated, “a business without a plan is a business planning to fail.”

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