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Let’s Celebrate the Power of Women

#embracethepower #makingithappen
March 8 is a day to celebrate women

Women have a lot of things to celebrate on International Women’s Day. We have broken all kind of barriers. We are mothers, caregivers, CEOs of major corporations and presidents of countries.

According to Forbes, “The World’s Most Powerful People” 2014 list women are Moving Up!

Here are a few nuggets to consider:

  1. For the first time, two women reached the top 10.
  1. The world’s most powerful woman is German Chancellor Angela Merkel who ranked #5 on list.
  1. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen ranked #6.
  1. The ages of the women range from 53 to 68 years old.
  1. There are nine women on the list representing 12 percent of the world’s most powerful — in stark contrast to being 50 percent of the world’s population.

Thank you to all of the women who continue to inspire and motivate others and create positive changes in our homes, families and communities.  A special Thank You to all of my teachers, mentors, leaders, friends, bosses, business colleagues, family, and especially my mom who helped inspire, teach, discipline and encourage me professionally and personally.


Congratulations Women on International Women’s Day.

#embracethepower #girlpower #makeithappen